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Cooking Classes

Discover how to cook traditional flavours with local, km0 ingredients

Podere Castellare offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the aromas and flavours of traditional cuisine through cooking classes held by our chef. Here you can rediscover the aromas and recipes of the past, using local ingredients and learning techniques handed down over the centuries.

Info and Prices

You can book your cooking class from Monday to Sunday

Cooking Class “Gnocchi with ragu” € 50, 00 per person
Prepare potato gnocchi with ragu together with the chef of Podere Castellare, and you will be able to savour the overwhelming flavour during dinner, all accompanied by an excellent bottle of wine.

Cooking Class “Bread and ricotta cheese” € 40, 00 per person
Prepare homemade bread and ricotta cheese together with the chef of Podere Castellare, and enjoy the preparation during breakfast the next morning.

How to book

We recommend that you book your cooking class before your arrival date. That way we can meet all your requests.

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